Our Story

Creating better futures

Since 1924, we’ve kept country kids connected to the healthcare they need and couldn’t otherwise access. Today, there are over 100,000 children living in rural and remote areas of Australia in need of urgent developmental and mental health support, and at Royal Far West, we call the distance between those children and the care they need kidometres.

Our integrated health, education and disability services are delivered through a combination of residential – in Manly, remote – via technology and in- community programs. We work closely with healthcare professionals, schools, communities, parents and carers to deliver our services in the most effective way possible.

You can help us to reach more kids, faster by buying kidometres online. Donate today, and remind families across Australia that being far from help doesn’t have to mean being far from hope.

A network of champions

We have branches across NSW and relationships with over 300 rural and remote communities, all supported by our volunteers, donors, fundraisers, sponsors, corporate partners and the NSW Government. It’s because of their commitment that we’re able to support close to 3,000 families every year, pursue our bold plan for national expansion, and continue to fulfil our vision of a healthier, more empowered generation of young rural and remote Australians.


Preparing for tomorrow’s challenges

The challenge we have ahead of us as an organisation and as a wider Australian community is enormous, and it’s only getting bigger. There are more than 300,000 children across regional and remote Australia whose health and development needs can’t be met locally. Their issues include developmental and behavioural disorders, mental health challenges, delayed speech, poor motor skills, dyslexia, oral health and poor diet. We want every child we support to have the best chance at realising their potential, and it’s that thought that inspires our work every day.

Doing whatever it takes

These are problems that span our sprawling country, but for us, there is no distance too far. The families we support have a vision of happy, productive futures for their kids, and we share that ambition. It’s at the heart of our fierce commitment to our work, which is coming to life through new partnerships, innovative technology, new delivery methods, a greater advocacy role and social enterprise activities. We want to extend our reach to more than 15,000 kids by 2020.


Dedicated to discovery

We partner with universities, government and non-government organisations to undertake research projects that are aligned with our strategic directions. This research contributes to the evidence base that bolsters our own programs.